Our Discretionary Model Portfolio offering is a diversified portfolio constructed using hedge funds employing various strategies to capture market opportunities. The investment objective is to provide consistent, market-agnostic, long-term absolute returns at the portfolio-level through an iterative top-down, bottom-up approach with a focus on emerging hedge funds.

Robust Investment Process

A rigorous understanding of financial markets enables us to decide how to allocate assets across various strategy buckets. An exhaustive and comprehensive manager search and due diligence process follows and identifies the best funds to implement each strategy. An ongoing monitoring process ensures clients’ monies remain invested effectively.

Hedge funds offer performance and diversification benefits for your investment portfolio

Hedge funds managers have greater flexibility and access to tools to deploy various trading strategies to pursue absolute returns. As a standalone asset class, their imperfectly correlated returns to traditional asset classes means that they offer diversification benefits by improving your portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns

Product and Key Features

Service and Product Proposition: A diversified multi-strategy portfolio of hedge funds.

Investment Objective: To provide consistent, market-agnostic, long-term absolute returns through a top-down driven hedge fund strategy allocation approach and thorough manager selection, with a strong, but not exclusive, focus on emerging hedge funds.


Diversification across strategies, asset classes and regions.

TWO sources of alpha generation:
1) Asset Allocation:
Strategy exposures are actively managed to reflect top-down macro-driven asset allocation convictions.

2) Manager Selection:
Concentrated holdings in best in-strategy funds to implement strategy exposures.

An iterative approach towards top-down and bottom-up processes drive the construct of the portfolio. Strategy exposures are actively managed to reflect top-down macroeconomic-driven asset allocation convictions. A thorough quantitative and quantitative due diligence follows before identifying the best-in-strategy fund to implement these strategy exposures. We focus on emerging hedge funds where their smaller sizes enable them to be more nimble with their investments.